Why working with me?
As a former chef of a Michelin Star awarded Restaurant and as an experienced food photographer, you have me as your professional partner for your projects. As my client you'll get everything from one source: Great appealing images and professional food design as well as the final editing and retouching. 
About myself
I was born in Berlin, Germany where I currently live with my beautiful wife and two cats. 
As Passionate as I am I mostly learned by just taking and analyzing photos. Self-learning and exploring I studied everything about photography I could get my hands and eyes on.

I have already lived many different lives. In Another Life I worked full time as a chef in a Michelin star Restaurant. These 8 Years taught me how to manage tasks, meet budgets, delegate responsibility and approach every assignment with 100% commitment and energy, and I understand the meaning of quality and consistency. I take every project as serious as you do.

I will always strive to produce great storytelling images, while having as much fun as possible, of course.

I invite you to look at my portfolio. You'll find personal as well as commercial photos that I’ve taken so far. The collection is still growing and you are very much welcome to be part of it! Feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

2014 // CBS News "weekly time-lapse"
2015 // EyeEm Fresh on Market collection
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